Tommy Jeans SU/PF '22

The brand known for its roots in music heritage asked Nigerian-born and Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer Temilade Openiyi, better known as Tems (@temsbaby), to lead the campaign’s first chapter with her “self-produced lyrics and afro-beats.” The creative team behind the campaign include Bolade Banjo, director and photographer,  stylist Dunsin Wright, all produced by Pundersons Garden.

“Learning to find what your own stance is in life evolves your creativity. That’s freedom,” shares Tems, as she reflects on what “Play To Progress” means to her. “I was tired of waiting for help. So, I taught myself the production skills I needed to make a song. Only I have the power to change my fate.”

In collaboration with the Tommy Jeans team we developed the campaign lockup "Play to Progress". Alongside this we created the digital and print assets for the campaign roll out.


Creative & Art Direction:
Tommy Jeans team
Kasper Fjederholt

Aaron Canning

Bolade Banjo

Louis McPherson

Pundersens Gardens