Tommy Hilfiger SP '21

'Tommy Hilfiger announces the Spring 2021 TOMMY HILFIGER campaign, centered around the theme of ‘Moving Forward Together’ to build a better future. The campaign is fronted by a diverse cast of activists and advocates, all striving for a society that Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All. Through the campaign, the talent shares their stories and activism journeys to inspire fans to create a brighter future.' (

The visual language of this campaign is built to reflect this forward moving message. We designed the campaign logo lockup, to reflect the diverse people of the campaign by using many different character widths and shapes in the lockup, this idea furthered through the use of motion graphics. For maximum flexibility the lockup can be stacked or used in one line. We also developed a campaign toolkit detailing, logos, grids, fonts and how to best roll out the campaign across posters, billboards and banners.


Creative & Art Direction:
Tommy Hilfiger & Team

Design Direction & Identity:
Aaron Canning

Clara Balzary
Joshua Woods
Jana Gerberding
Ken Ngang
Tom Johnson