Suzie Architektur

SUZIE Architecture specialises in the execution of holistic construction projects. Bridging the gap between customers, service providers and regulators, the Viennese architecture firm delivers with enthusiasm and dedication. Reflecting on their projects and values, we collaborated with the team from SUZIE Architecture to lay the foundation of the brand strategy.

Our objective was to communicate the uniqueness of the architectural office – so that they can meet the ever changing needs and demands of their own creative customers. Befitting the ideals of the brand, getting hands on, we handcrafted the concrete logo in the studio. Creating the forms, mixing, pouring and setting the concrete. Bringing the bespoke logotype to life.

The brand system takes its cues from the bespoke logotype. It has been designed in such a way that it is variable, meaning it can stretch and grow without losing its legibility, this stretching and expanding adds to the visual character and helps to separate the SUZIE brand with its own distinct and unique voice.


Creative Direction & Design: Aaron Canning Theresa Feth

3D Visualisation: Kevin van Kleef