The Mountain Shrimp

A vast landscape, cloaked in lush greenery, gently rolling hills and dense forest, all framed within a mighty mountain panorama: Styria, the green heart of Austria. It is here the idea of a natural and sustainable delicacy was born: pure gourmet shrimp, ‘Die Gebirgsgarnele’ (The Mountain Shrimp).

Our objective was to connect the tradition-conscious and luxury-loving customer with the world of the mountain shrimp, customers who appreciate the novel, exotic and the exclusive. The basis of the concept is the idea of harmony: it connects nature, shrimp and the end consumer. The visual narrative was developed in parallel with a short poem which appears on the packaging. The poem tells of the green heart which contains the soul of Styria, towering mountains, still forests, winding streams and untouched lakes. This is where the mountain shrimp are raised, in harmony with nature for the purest possible taste.

A natural and high-quality packaging invites the customer to experience this exclusive delicacy.
The recyclable soft shell features a matte texture and the semi transparent label reflects the translucency of the shrimp themselves. The experience of the mountain shrimp starts long before they are on the plate.


Creative Concept & Design: Aaron Canning Theresa Feth

3D Visualisation: Kevin van Kleef

Laura Feth

Agency: Bazzoka, Sbg