THE FIZZ is a vibrant community offering the perfect homes for students. Fully furnished and completely hassle-free. The brand focuses on high quality accommodation, working environments, inspiring community experiences and valuable extra services. The first house opened in 2012 in Bremen and the brand has been ever-growing since. With seven locations in Germany, two in Austria and four in the Netherlands, THE FIZZ has developed into a strong brand in the student housing sector in Central Europe. Within the next few years, it is set to grow through further projects in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Our task was to rethink the Brand Standards (originally developed in 2011) and roll out a conceptually strong relaunch that is still rooted in the origins of the brand, but conveys the new vibrant and modern spirit across all media.


Creative Direction & Design: Aaron Canning Theresa Feth

Theresa Feth

Motion Logo Morph:
Elena Pavaletz