Accountability Framework

‘The Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) is a collaborative effort to build and scale up ethical supply chains for agricultural and forestry products. Led by a diverse global coalition of environmental and human rights organisations, the AFi works to create a “new normal” where commodity production and trade are fully protective of natural ecosystems and human rights’.

We were tasked with creating the brand identity for the AFi. In close cooperation with the team, we developed the brand from the ground up, one that communicates principles of the initiative: the harmony of human & nature. Clarity is key, the brand mark is distilled to just four lines and the identity relies on just one simple typeface. The colour palette takes its inspiration from nature, dark earthy tones are supplemented by bright vivid tones. Easy-to-use guidelines, asset libraries and a quirky set of illustrations enable the team to be flexible with the communication internal & external. The illustrations allow some of the abstract source material to be visualised in an engaging and unique way.


Art Direction & Design:
Aaron Canning

Theresa Feth